Julia Stiles Natalija Vincic

Miss Julia Stiles loves my art

I’m so happy and excited… And it was with great emotion i could meet Julia Stiles. One beautiful person, gentle, chic and great actress, who welcomed one of my latest work of Art.

“Lady passion”, is my interpretation of the mythologic moment “Venus Victoria” (it’s the moment when godess Venus won the beauty contest over other godesses – story from Pâris and beautiful Helen).

I had a true, pure, and magical moment in same time talking with Julia Stiles. Sometimes, in a life certain encounters, are rare and unique moments, probably in the truth of oneself, from soul to soul. This great actress is source of inspiration and one very exemple of passionnate woman.

I felt her gentle heart and her great experience as movie star who has played with Harrison Ford, Brad Pitt, Al Pacino, Anthony Hopkins, Matt Damon, Jennifer Lopez…

She is working again in the South of France in the successful international TV series « Riviera » that i recommend to see.

The painting “Lady passion” is taken from my last collection “secrets of triumph“.

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