Picasso Vincic
Natalija Vincic loves the Picasso Museum in Antibes

I am Natalija Vincic, international artist painter born in Yugoslavia.

A great teacher and mentor in my life was my father, PhD of Science in Archeology, Mr. Vincic. He was Serbian, survivor of the second world war and an orphan, losing his mother at the age of three, starting to live a life of « Oliver Twist ». Although despite his tough upbringing, he managed to attain a master’s degree in Theology, Philosophy and archeology. He raised us in the world of mythological stories, philosophical dialogs, excavations and museums.

My mother is Macedonian; a talented painter, ceramist and mosaic artist with sensitivities for french literature and 19th century impressionist art.

They both encouraged my world of imagination. My favorite play was the colouring book. The colors were the magical tools for giving life to the composition. As I grew up and decided my direction in life, it was natural for me to choose studying Fine and Applied Art.

Starting to see the world with my own eyes, I felt insecure with reality. The eighties were years under the influence of pop music, art and movies. Following the popular culture I become a rebel in the eyes of my parents. At age of eighteen, I thought that I found the love of my life and got married moving to Greece while my Country was falling apart.

After seven years of marriage, I became a mother of three sons and a single parent. Spending a lot of time in prayer to find strength to continue my life and raise my children, I got an inspiration to paint icons for a living.

To learn the technique of traditional Byzantine style I went to a school of restoration Byzantine art. In this way I mastered the Greek language too. For practical experience, thanks to my father, I undertook a seminar at the Institute of Icon Conservation in Macedonia under guidance of Madam Ema Petrova Magister and chief of the institute. I accomplished my first two icons. And life started to have meaning again. Coming back to Greece, the boys had to go to school again. I organised my atelier at home and started to paint day and night. Looking upon the work of Giotto Di Bondone, early renaissance master.

Starting selling my artworks I got encouraged and asked for a job at one renowned Byzantine art atelier. The owner Costantinos Theodorou and his team earned the reputation of accomplishing complete artworks on the walls of many churches in Greece and America. I was the only woman painter, hagiographer in town. After three years of work for Theodorou, I felt confident to open my own atelier and Gallery accomplishing more than 200 iconic works of art.

Because of the crisis in Greece, in 2011, I decided to accept my sister’s invitation to move to Sweden. I started to work with her on our Art Project, « art speaks all the languages » in collaboration with the city council in Malmö. This project was a significant experience, both professionally and personally. We accomplished 300 art workshops with children aged 6 to 16, coming from different nationalities, encouraging art as mediator for communication.

About my religious practise, I adopted a more holistic belief approach, with respect and interest for all the religions. I started to speak the Swedish language admiring their collective way of life. The Swedish painters Hilma AF Klint and Carl Larsson left a huge impression on me.

Privately we developed a new method for self development through art. Working on it, we created an art card deck, that brought my sister and me to paint together on the same canvas. I experimented painting with new mediums. Tarot cards and the works of Niki de Saint Phalle, Dali, Picasso have inspired my artistic evolution. For a period of four years, we have created together several collections signed « D’Vincic Sisters » and we exhibited in Sweden, England, Macedonia, Russia and France.

After a successful collaboration, in 2015 I decided to continue my artistic and personal journey on my own. I chose to stay in south of France, paradise of creativity and culture.

Here, i discovered the air and testimony of the « belle époque ». The artworks from Gustav Klimt, Tamara Lempicka, Mucha and Cocteau lead my artistic evolution. Living on french Riviera i had opportunity to create and exhibit in Saint-Tropez, meeting celebrities and art lovers.

In this romantic atmosphere evoked by Francis Scott Fitzgerald, I unexpectedly found my soulmate. With his understanding and support I have dedicated my work that became my mission.

I would like my art to have an impact on people’s lives, because art can stimulate creative thinking and inspire change. It can lead us to profound discovery and understanding of ourselves. My paintings are visual affirmation for expanding consciousness of beauty, love and abundance. I want to encourage a positive thought that brings the energy of success to peoples’ lives. The characters in my paintings are sophisticated, elegant and immediately recognisable.

All my paintings are builded with layers of vivid colors, using brushes and paint knives. Creating a texture starting from dark colors, evoluating the forms in ligh colors. I enjoy using colors from charcoal, pigments and acrylics. All the paintings are started with Gesso and finished with protective coat of vernish.

As a woman, I have been greatly inspired by the evolution of the character of these women that I name here: Maya Angelou, Louise Hay, Simone Veil.

I consider myself a cultivated artist, because in addition of my art school education and my work experience i’m continuing to learn by observing the greatest masters of art, visiting the museums of fine art all over the world.