Picasso Vincic
Natalija Vincic loves the Picasso Museum in Antibes

Natalija is Macedonian artist. Iconographer restorer of art.

Her art odyssey started very early in her childhood, meeting the great works of art in monasteries, museums or excavations, with her father PhD in archeology and mother painter and mosaic artist.

After finishing her school of fine and applied arts in Skopje, she will practise iconography during many years in Greece, working in one renowned art studio atelier of iconography.

She will graduate from the school of conservation and restoration of art and opens her own atelier and gallery. Inspired by specific traditional art technic with coloured pigments, eggs, wooden, resin, gomma arabica, gomma – laque, golden leaves… Byzantin art… She commited to explore and master the iconography.

After 15 years dedication in her artistic calling her experience grow as theoratical in theology as well as practicaly in painting (writing) over 300 icons. Many of her art works are in churches and private collectors all over Europe.

The artistic journey will continue in Sweden. There, she will challenge her artistic experiences, traveling and experimenting new mediums and ways of painting. Sweden will give her recognition and support in her artistic development with many exhibitions and charity workshops. For this, this country will always have a special place in her heart.

Today and for several years now, she is living and working and Provence (south of France), the place of light, and great inspirations for many great artists before her.

She had the opportunity to perform live painting in Saint-Tropez were she exhibited her art too. She is presenting her work in the most beautiful places along the french Riviera.

It’s my privilege and interest to learn all about french culture, which is big. I am especially attracted for the time known as “belle époque”…