Collection les saints de Provence

Throughout history, local traditions have evolved myths and legends as sources of inspiration for its inhabitants. As an artist I put my creativity and my style at the service of hagiography in order to express my interest and my love for legends, history or mythology.

During the process of creating this collection, which brings together a selection of the patron saints of our region, I became interested in the culture, traditions, values ​​and history that accompany them. The paintings depicting the patron saints of the towns or villages of our department evoke a symbolic history that celebrates ethics or morals as so many testimonies of the time in which these saints were able to evolve.

I think we should keep these stories alive because they are a link between our past and our future.

I find a great interest in the language of symbols in the stories. They are common to other cultures and traditions. Books, roses, sun, dragons, trees, nature, gold, palm leaves, tell stories about knowledge, wisdom, courage, solidarity, love, charity … These stories may therefore be interesting to promote in our contemporary society, by the values ​​they evoke. In my work, it is certainly my ambition.