Unleash your inner artist and spark your creative energy

With great artistic enthusiasm, Natalija Vincic is opening the doors of her new atelier in Provence to welcome the people who want more fun and colours in their life.

Illuminated lettering (workshop 3 hours)

illuminated letteringIlluminated texts are stories or letters decorated with bright colors and gold.

The large capital letter at the beginning of the text is decorated different patterns or shades.

At the end of this workshop you will have created your own medieval letter.

Abstract adventure (workshop 3 hours)

Part of being fun and wonderful activity, it is incredibly beneficial for increasing focus, concentration, creativity, imagination.

Symbolic self-portrait – Acryl on canvas (week seminar)

Self portraitA self-portrait is a very special art experience; is  self discovery, is revealing your inner self.

Which are the colors or symbols you chose to represent yourself are among the questions you will get to answer during this week. At the end of this week you will have painted your acrylic self-portrait, a living memory for you to bring home.

Iconography – Guardian Angel (week seminar)

Archange Gabriel

Icons have been thought of as windows to heaven or doorways to the sacred. They are meant to help us to communicate with divine love, to lift spirits, to help us to get better human beings. The creation process of an icon is another way to pray; to heal; to meditate and to grow on our spiritual journey.