Lady Prudentia

Personification of seeing ahead and ability to make the right decisions…ancient philosophers consider her as measure and form of all virtues…after the christians gave her the place in the cardinal virtues…there is many to be said about her … symbols representing her are mirror and snake. In my story she is looking in the mirror […]

Nouvelle collection « secrets of the triumph »

Guided by deeper emotions and desire, inspired by feminine beauty, mythology and the language of the symbols… The story telling is continuing with this new collection « secrets of the triumph ». Personifications of divine origins, allegories of memory, intuition, abondance, good fortune… Are among all this new characters. The expression of the artist is faceing her […]

Knight Templar

Knight templar

On this work painted on a wooden support, like an icon, is represented a knight Templar on his knees. This work evokes of course the exceptional destiny of the Templars and contributes to the myth that our contemporary era, in search of virtues and spirituality, has been able to confer on this chivalrous order. The […]

Collection « Love Messages »

Looking for answers, connections with symbols and old stories about love. I enjoyed painting this collection « messages of love ». This collection gathers 12 pieces, symbolizing the complete cycle of one year. My wish is to provoke an inner dialog and reason to evaluate the feelings of love.

Icône contemporaine de Jésus Christ bénissant le raisin

Jésus Christ bénissant le raisin. Création originale de Natalia Vincic. Arcylique sur support bois en pin de 2cm d’épaisseur 43cm x 57 cm. Le Christ ou simplement Christ est le nom donné par l’ensemble des chrétiens à Jésus de Nazareth qu’ils considèrent comme le Messie (χριστός / Christos en grec ancien), « l’oint du Seigneur » annoncé […]

Sainte Roseline

Icône de Sainte Roseline par Natalija Vincic

Inspired by the beautiful story as the impressive chapel and domain of Sainte Roseline i wanted to paint her. I recommend to everyone to visit this beautiful place. Icône contemporaine, egg tempera sur support bois 60 x 80 cm.