Saint Antoine de Padoue

Enjoying painting in traditional byzantine style the dear Saint Antoine de Padoue that was commissioned to me.

Fernando Martins de Bulhões was born around 1195 in Lisbon, into a noble and military family.

A young Franciscan In 1220, the remains of the Franciscan martyrs of Morocco were brought back to Portugal. The testimony of these lives overwhelms the young 25-year-old priest and leads him to ask for his admission among the disciples of Francis of Assisi; he becomes “brother Antoine” there.

A young missionary At his request, he went on a mission to Morocco, but had to be repatriated to Europe in 1221 because of health problems. His boat is blown by the winds towards the coast of Sicily, where he meets the Franciscans of Messina. He participated alongside Francis of Assisi in the General Chapter of May 30, 1221, and spent nearly a year in the convent of Montepaolo, practically isolated from the rest of the community.

In 1222, during the ordination of several Franciscans, he had to speak in place of a brother and showed great talent as a speaker and scholar. Francis of Assisi then sent him to preach in Italy and France.