In Malmö (Sweden)

Natalija VIncic is co founder of the Cultural Swedish non-profit association, “Destino”, in order to strengthen children’s and young people’s self-esteem and confidence. The volunteering is focused primarily on the vulnerable areas of Malmö. In cooperation with the City council of Malmö, local fellowships and other contractors, “Destino” has provided over 300 Art Workshops. With …

Byzantine icon

Saint Antoine de Padoue

Enjoying painting in traditional byzantine style the dear Saint Antoine de Padoue that was commissioned to me. Fernando Martins de Bulhões was born around 1195 in Lisbon, into a noble and military family. A young Franciscan In 1220, the remains of the Franciscan martyrs of Morocco were brought back to Portugal. The testimony of these …

Laurent Nouvion

Portrait de Laurent Nouvion

Ce portrait façon « Marvel » a été réalisé durant l’ été 2015 dans le cadre du projet D’ Vincic Sisters. Cette personnalité publique, issue du monde politique monégasque, avait été retenue pour cet exercice de style. Laurent Nouvion a été Président du conseil monégasque du 21 février 2013 au 27 avril 2016. Laurent Nouvion was the …