One of my favorite mythological stories is about Eros, greek god of love or Cupidon (for the Roman). He was son of Aphrodite the goddess of beauty and love. Eros himself got in love with princess called Psyche(soul). His image character was an inspiration for artists, poets, writers, giving light to our essential instinct love.

The greatest adventure in life is discovering the mystery of love. In this collection Eros, revealing us, told and untold stories.

1. The fruit of love

On this painting, is represented Eros with his brother Pothos, eating from the fruit of love. Favorite fruit among the gods is the grapes. Not only of their symbolic meaning of wealth, abundance, prosperity and fertility. But because men created from it the most delicious drinks of all, the wine. Symbol of transformation, happiness and friendship.

2. Love with the horn of treasures

Enjoying the sea, symbol of our emotions, Eros is carrying the horn of treasures with the hippocampus his friend, presenting our memory. The message of this painting is telling us «  the treasures can be found in our own heart  ».

3. Love makes a wish

On this painting represented Eros and his brother Pothos, Betwen the day and night, when the colours of calmness, inner piece, truth, kindness are in joyful play. Eros close his eyes and make a wish from the heart. Surrounded by the rose in full bloom that represents the gratitude, knowing, his wish started its manifestation.

4. Love have arrived

Eros arriving, holding a flower willing to give, because love is about giving. In the other hand he is holding an arrow, symbol of focus energy, going in direction of our desire. The book representing knowledge, stories of inspiration, we can learn from them, but our own experience will make our soul immortal.

5. Melody of love

Eros enjoying playing on his Lyra, he is inviting positive vibrations. He believes, the melody have power to raise emotion that bring us back home to ourself. This feeling of connection with ourselves is essential for our happiness.

6. Eros Wine

Eros toasting with the glass of wine for happiness, love and success. He proposes to the loving couples the wine ceremony in weddings. Symbolicly «  may the couples drink from same cup of life, sharing the sweet experience together  ».

7. Love compass

On this painting is presented Eros holding his love compass, he is suggesting we should all look uppon it, when we need an inspiration or guideness in our life. His love compass presenting our own heart. It should be our compass showing always the right direction.

8. The Rose

In this painting you the viewer are the protagonist. Because Eros is coming as visitor, to bring you the Rose. The exagerate form of the Rose is focusing on her symbolic meaning the romance, love and beauty. It’s up to you to embrace and welcome the gift.

9. The Iris

The protagonist in this painting, it’s an ordinary woman, becoming a Queen of her story. She decides to believe in love even after broken heart. And just then, she becomes a pure heart. This achievement it’s moment of celebration. Eros appearing from the magical realm, bringing her the Iris flower. Symbol of wisdom, royalty and purity.

10. Four elements

11. Goddess Ops and Eros

Ancient Goddess Ops synonymous of nature, fertility and abundance, enjoying the company of Love.


Lily Flower

I was inspired by the mythological story, which says that the Lilys were created from the breast milk of the goddess Juno, wife of Jupiter. They become a symbol of purity and abundance.

Here in this magical atmosphere and this interesting story, I created this painting « Fleur de Lys ». In it, I present Cupid, bringing the fleur-de-lis as a gift for youth and the fullness of the life force.

Acrylique 73cm x 92cm

The whispers of luck

My daily walks from Villa Ephrussi to Villa David Niven « Fleur du Cap » transported me to the « Belle Epoque » period. A great period of optimism, prestige in the intellectual world and abundant artistic creation, challenges me to create my painting with « whispers of luck ».

Legend has it that whoever sees the shamrock and accepts it, he accepts the inner beauty of his own heart. It was believed that whoever finds it and keeps it at home, will be happy all his life.

Acrylique 80cm x 80cm