Interview with the international painter Natalija Vincic

Natalija Vincic Interview

What was your first experience with/discovery of art? What made you want to become an artist?

My first experience with art was early in the childhood with my father PHD in Archeology bringing me to excavations and museums, like it was my playground. It was also with my mother painter and mosaics artist, telling me as stories, about art history where the characters were Picasso, Renoir, Dali, MIchellangelo…

At home i was always surrounded by art books, history of art, philosophy etc… And artistic materials, canvas, brushes, stones etc… One of my special experiences was when my parents brought me to a professional artist (their friend) to make my portrait. I was amazed about his studio, i felt like he was doing the most important profession, it was clear to me in that moment that i will do the same.

Because of my parents and my individual interest and curiosity i developped one irreplaceable bond with art.

Are there any key themes, messages or theories behind your work?

I am inspired by feminine beauty, mythology, philosophy and the language of symbols. My work is influenced by Giotto de Bondone early Renaissance master to Tamara Lempicka queen of art Deco. The stylized forms of medieval art and stylized forms of cubism are taking part in my artistic expression.

Making bridge between past and future, I point of the importance of the present moment, that becomes eternity in my paintings. My expression is influenced by the shadow puppetry, an ancient form of storytelling with cut out shapes of the puppets. I don’t use models for my paintings, I am creating imaginary characters that have reached their full potential and they carry messages of positive values, memory, intuition, abundance, good fortune, beauty…

I believe that my Art can stimulate positive thinking and emotions, bringing a unique style and energy in homes of individuals.

Could you tell us a bit about your artistic approach?

Guided by my creative impulse and deliberate idea, I leave my expression going on a new adventure with every new painting. Imagination and narration are collaborating in the process.

All my paintings are built with layers of vivid colors, creating a texture witness of the journey from dark to light. The forms and shapes are stylized and exaggerated, from Byzantine to cubism, giving unique elegance and grace to my characters. I enjoy mixing techniques from charcoal to pigments and acrylic and all my painting are started with Gesso and finished with varnish.

In an edition of my art education in the school of fine and applied art, as school of conservation and technics of Byzantine art, I have worked for creating mural art for churches. This experience has marked my personal style.

What is your personal aim as an artist?

My art aim to bring the energy of beauty, love and abundance in your home and life. I am creating paintings with characters and symbols that consciously carrying a message of positive values.

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Author: Natalija Vincic

“Art is my path to become a hero. It's a discipline i practice and i honor with love, patience, focus, courage… In my life, i had to learn more than 5 foreign languages but I talk most beautifully through my paintings”.

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