Knight templar

On this work painted on a wooden support, like an icon, is represented a knight Templar on his knees. This work evokes of course the exceptional destiny of the Templars and contributes to the myth that our contemporary era, in search of virtues and spirituality, has been able to confer on this chivalrous order.

The kneeling position brings back to the humility that contemporary knights strive to create on a daily basis. Humility is generally considered to be the character trait of an individual who sees himself realistically. Humility is the virtue that opposes pride, self-sufficiency or arrogance. The humble person is one who recognizes his limits and his weaknesses.

The Order of the Temple was an international religious and military order stemming from the Christian chivalry of the Middle Ages. It was created on January 13, 1129 from a militia called the Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon on the occasion of the Council of Troyes.

The order of the Templars worked during the 12th and 13th centuries to accompany and protect pilgrims to Jerusalem in the context of the Holy War and the Crusades.

Knight Templar for private collector