Saint George
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Byzantine Saint George icon for sale

Now for sale, Saint George, 100x 66x 3 cm, on one piece walnut wooden slice, my hand made artwork in traditional byzantine style (pigments colors, egg yolk , golden leave …). For details and price feel free to contact me.

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Natalija Vincic expose au Château Roubine

C’est dans le cadre exceptionnel du caveau du Château Roubine, dont les vins figurent en bonne place dans les meilleurs établissements de la planète, que Natalija Vincic expose jusqu’au 12 juin 2020. Dans cet endroit qui accueille tout au long de l’année…

Monte Carlo international circus festival
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Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival

As an artist, painter, the circus is for me a place of great inspiration. Circus is one living art. Through acrobatics, dressage, balance, juggling, clown art… It celebrates many values. Values ​​like excellence, discipline, solidarity, family, joy, balance, performance, harmony, confidence, surpassing…

Museum Annonciade
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Annonciade Museum Saint Tropez

The Annonciade Museum is an art museum located in Saint-Tropez and housing a beautiful art collection, mostly post impressionnists. The main artist is Paul Signac, his paintings are sold several millions on the art market. His style is kind of hypnotic game…